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Shaped for service – you are his workmanship

By Caleb Tan | September 6, 2019

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In the last few years, Kmart furniture has become highly desirable. Not for their quality per se, but for their cheap, cheerful and trendy attributes.

Unfortunately, this has created a culture of well-intended ‘Kmart hackers’ who have turned perfectly good furniture into eyesores that populate many a household across our Great South Land.

Take for example, this vinyl adhesive.

This was the workmanship of a well-intended product designer, created in a factory (probably in China) for the purpose of tastefully decorating scrapbooks, which they’ve prepared beforehand that we should purchase from Kmart.

However, due to the popularity of well-intended Kmart hackers, sometimes the outcome doesn’t always reflect the original intention.

There are times where our lives can feel like a Kmart hack gone wrong.

We feel like we don’t fit in – we feel like an everyday essentials basket that got turned into a fire-prone lampshade, or a placemat that got turned into a bathmat, which then got turned into a wall decoration.

However, unlike a cheap, mass-produced product, you are unique. One of a kind. You’re a limited edition. Weird and wonderful in all its glory. You are God’s workmanship.

And you’re not just a pretty face.

You were made for a purpose.

the Apostle Paul shares that:

“…we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

Ephesians 2:10 ESV

You have an assignment. You have work to do. You are the answer for unique problems that God has earmarked for you to solve right now and for the rest of your life.

There are five clues that God gives to us that help us to know what work he has in-store for us to do.

Spiritual Gifts

God gives us spiritual gifts when we make a decision to follow Him. These are talents and giftings from the Holy Spirit that help the body of Christ thrive and to be built up.
Q: Do you know what your spiritual gifts are?

Consider heading to and filling out the spiritual gifts survey to discover what spiritual gifts you may have.


Your passions reflect God’s passion for you.
Q: What/Who are you actually passionate about?


Everyone is skilled at something. In fact, you have skills that others may see in you and that you don’t realise you have. Your skills can be utilised for the benefit of others.
Q: What actual skills do you possess that can help others?


Some of us are task-oriented, some of us thrive in the company of people. Some of us believe accuracy is important and some of us thrive on adventure and creativity. Your personality determines how and where you work and serve best.
Q: What situations energise you and which ones drain your energy?


There is no such thing as a wasted experience. Experiences are not what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.
Q: What memorable experiences have you had that can help someone get to know Jesus for the first time or at a deeper level?

Why not spend the next 5 minutes answering one (or more) of the questions listed above. Make a decision to act on the answer you gave by doing something small within the next 7 days. It may help to share your answer with someone you trust so they can help you decide on the one small step you can take.

My hope is that by reflecting and acting on one or all of these questions over time, they accumulate to help you grow and strengthen the ‘shape’ God has given to you.

In working out your ‘shape’, may you be proud to know that you are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God has prepared for you beforehand.

Consider heading to and filling out the spiritual gifts survey to discover what spiritual gifts you may have.

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