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A Better Wishlist

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Sometimes we can all too easily get ‘lost’ in the season. What we ‘want’ for Christmas, what our children ‘want’, what our spouses ‘want’, what our parents and siblings ‘want’ can take centre stage in our minds and lives. What if we were to contemplate what God ‘wants’? When he looks across His church, when He thinks of His children, when He sees a lost and hurting world what is the yearning in His heart? What if we were to understand Gods heart for this season and become a vessel for His plans and purposes? To write out a better wish list this Christmas.

A Better Wish List: Heart For The Harvest


Catch up on wk 1 of our new series ‘A Better Wish List’ with guest speaker Scott Jones. If you love the message try sharing it with a friend!

A Better Wish List: What Could Be Better Than Happiness?


Week 2 from our series 'A Better Wish List' with Caleb Tan.

A Better Wish List: The Path of Peace


Week 3 from our series 'A Better Wish List' with Dan Alderden.