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Misalignment can start out subtle, but over time become a big problem. In a car when your wheels are out of alignment, you have to use extra force to make the car drive straight, and unnecessary damage is being caused to your car every time you drive. This gets frustrating and we soon end up at the mechanics spending more than we bargained for. In life, the same is true when we come out of alignment with our Father. In this series we’re inviting God to re-align us with His Word, His Will and His Ways so we can live the abundant life He intended for us.

Alignment: Aligned to His Ways
26th August 2018
In our desire to know God he shows us His ways. When we find ourselves in the valley he reveals to us that His way is through.

Alignment: True North
19th August 2018

God’s will for us exceeds anything we could hope for, dream up or imagine!

Alignment: At Your Word
12th August 2018
Powerful things happen when we let God align our lives to His word.