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All These Emotions

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Emotions don’t keep you in neutral, they move you somewhere!

All These Emotions: Highs and Lows
17th December, 2017
Highs and lows are part of the package when it comes to our emotions. Not even Jesus was exempt from this rollercoaster ride. How can we handle the ups and downs
and not go crazy?

All These Emotions: Mastering Your Emotions
10th December, 2017
Emotions are real and we feel them deeply, but they don’t define who we are. In this message Guest speaker Mark Godfrey gives us keys on how to master our emotions.

All These Emotions: Don’t Worry
3rd December, 2017
“Don’t worry,” Jesus said. Why did he say it? Anxiety is an emotion plaguing our generation. If this principle is ever relevant it is relevant today! Worrying about tomorrow can rob us of experiencing all the joys and pleasures of today.