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Who do you call when you’re about to change the world?

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Better Call Saul: From Persecutor to Preacher
24th July, 2016
Who do you call when you’re about to change the world? When you’re about to flip the system on its head, and include people who have never been included before? When you need somebody to spread your message, no matter what the cost? Who do you call when you need somebody fearless in the face of danger and selfless to the core? Better call Saul!

Better Call Saul: Centred in Christ
31st July, 2016
Saul, also known as Paul, lived a life that placed knowing Jesus, serving Jesus and making Jesus known to others as his highest priority. Paul lived a life that was centred in Christ! He taught that a life with Jesus at the centre, is a life that can truly find fulfilment and meaning. Everything finds its true meaning and purpose only in relation to Him.

Better Call Saul: On Mission
7th August, 2016
Paul lived and spread the message of Christ with unrelenting passion and urgency! He knew that this message was the hope of the world, and there would be no obstacle large enough or intimidating enough to stop him from spreading it! If we are willing to accept it, this is our mission too! Let’s let Pauls mission fuelled life stir, challenge and inspire us to live our lives, on mission!

Better Call Saul: The Gospel of Grace
14th August, 2016
When God was wanting to unpack the truth of the new covenant, He chose an expert from the old covenant to teach it. Nobody understood the law like Paul, and yet Paul became the voice to proclaim this new way called the gospel of grace. Our understanding of this headline teaching of Paul is critical in our relationship with God today!

Better Call Saul: The Greatest Thing Happening on the Earth
21st August, 2016
Paul loved the church and gave his life to build and serve it. Why was he so convinced that this was such an important work, a work worth risking life for? From looking at Paul’s passion for the church we can ask ourselves; do I have the right perspective of the value and importance of Jesus’ church? Am I taking my place ‘in’ and ‘as’ the church in a way that Paul encouraged the early Christians to? What does ‘normal church life’ look like according to Paul?