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Committed to Character

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Our character is an integral part of who we are and is worthy of our focus and attention. While man is looking at our outward appearance, God is looking at our heart and who we are beneath the surface. He is committed to building our whole life, and especially our character.

Sum & Substance


Week one from Ps Dan Alderden.

Character Assessment


Gifts are discovered but character is developed. To truly grow and develop strength of character it takes a willingness to look inward, ask ourselves the challenging questions, and even invite others to be part of the journey. God is our ultimate character coach and never stops cheering us on.

Heart of the Humble


Catch up on Week 3 of our Committed to Character series 'Heart of The Humble' with Dan Alderden.

The Brilliance of Resilience


Catch up on Week 4 of our Committed to Character series 'The Brilliance of Resilience' with Dan Alderden. We hope you enjoy the message.