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Decisions Matter! When you know Who to trust, you’ll always be headed in the Divine Direction.

Divine Direction: What does God really care about?
6th August, 2017
What does God want me to do? What is God’s perfect will for my life? How can I have confidence that I’m making the ‘right’ decision? Which degree? Which job? Which car? Who to marry? When it comes to discovering God’s will, we need to start by asking the right questions, and a perfect place to start is with “what does God really care about?”

Divine Direction: How to live an unwise life
13th August, 2017
Every follower of Christ can make wise decisions so that they can grow. Through the life of Rehoboam, we discover how not to live a wise life (and therefore learn from his mistakes).

Divine Direction: Avoiding the counterfeit
20th August, 2017
People are hungry for direction; the world is hungry to know what the future holds for them, even if the information comes from demonic sources. Counterfeit direction is not just operating in the world. Even as Christians, we have to be on guard or we can be led to make decisions based on our emotions, our flesh and our insecurities, wrongly assuming it is His divine direction and guidance. receiving clear direction is determined by our ability to hear God and be led by His Spirit.

Divine Direction: The last word
27th August, 2017
Jesus’s last words on the cross are the foundation we build on and the starting line from which we journey. The lens that we view God through will effect our journey and the foundation that we build on.