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Follow Me

Follow Me: I Will Make You
30th September 2018
Jesus said “follow me and I will make you…” As we follow Him, Jesus is making us to be like Him. Wk 4 of Follow Me with Ps Dan Alderden.

Follow Me: Presence & Power
23rd September 2018
What could be better than walking with Jesus in the flesh as His disciples for three and half years? Week 3 of our series ‘Follow Me’ with Ps Dan Alderden.

Follow Me: The Journey
16th September 2018
This message Ps Leon Lim explores how we can follow Jesus just as the first disciples did, by looking at what Jesus meant when He said “Follow Me”.
Follow Me: Fish & Followers
9th September 2018
Ps Luke Feeney walks us through three key moments in Jesus ministry and what they can teach us about being a disciple of Jesus today.