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Graceology: Condemnation Sucks!
6th May 2018
Discover how condemnation robs us of our intimacy with God and how it is the root of our problems. Explore how the Grace of God can set you free from condemnation.

Graceology: Grace Lives Here
29th April 2018
The more we know and rest in God’s grace towards us, the more it flows through us towards others.

Graceology: The Gift of Righteousness
22nd April 2018

We have been made ‘right’ in our relationship with God by His grace and His gift of righteousness to us through Christ. We are not striving and working to become right with Him or to become acceptable to Him, it’s all a gift! We have a new identity and understanding this new identity transforms our lives from the inside out!
Graceology: Law & Grace
15th April 2018
Accessing all that Jesus has done for us begins with having a proper understanding of the gospel and the new covenant of Grace. We live in a culture steeped in self help, perfectionism and religion and it can so easily sway us to a life of human effort and works. Let God give you a fresh understanding of His Grace through Jesus’ finished work at the cross. It’ll change your life forever!