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Journey to Bethlehem

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Christmas is a favourite time year for people across the globe, but sometimes we can be disconnected or almost immune to how supernatural and powerful this piece of history actually is. Join us on the journey to the real meaning of Christmas…


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Journey to Bethlehem: The Supporting Act (Part 1)
6th December, 2015
For the leading role in the birth of our Saviour, God used an incredibly brave and trusting woman who showed remarkable faith and courage. Mary played out her part in the story with class, setting an example for all of us to follow. This leading lady was accompanied by an equally stand out performance in her supporting act, Joseph. In Joseph we find a humble and faith filled man who stood by Mary in the face of misunderstandings and accusations, and became her greatest supporter and a key part of her success. We all have significant people in our lives that God has positioned us around to play the supporting act for. This role should never be diminished, do it with all of your might, they may not make it without you.

Journey to Bethlehem: Make Room (Part 2)
13th December, 2015
God’s plans for our lives don’t always fit our schedule or our way of doing things. In the Christmas narrative, God interrupted a young teenager’s life with a plan that was of highest importance to heaven, but a major inconvenience to Mary. How did Mary respond and how did she make room for God’s plan in her life? How can we learn from her story, to make room for God’s plans in ours?

Journey to Bethlehem: The Journey (Part 3)
20th December, 2015
The birth of Jesus was an invitation to all to come and discover that God was no longer far away, but near and with us in the person of Jesus. From wise men to shepherds and everyone in between, we have been invited to take the Journey to meet Immanuel, God with us.