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Lessons on Love: Will It Be Worth It? (Part 1)
May 10th, 2015
When it comes to love, we all have a lot to learn! To love the people in our lives well often means sacrifice. Jesus demonstrates his extravagant love for us through the ultimate sacrifice as he put the whole world before himself and his own needs. Putting others first is something Mothers are also very proficient in, so this Mother’s Day we hope to learn from their lives too and see how it will be worth it in the end.

Lessons on Love: Love in Action (Part 2)
May 17th, 2015
When we truly love someone, we are compelled to demonstrate our love for them in action. Jesus’ love for us compelled him to act – to love the unlovables, to touch the untouchables, and to reach out to the lost. He gave His life to demonstrate the depths of His love for us. What is God’s love in us compelling us to do for those we love?

Lessons on Love: Clearing Debt (Part 3)
May 24th, 2015
One of the hallmarks of Christianity is without a doubt, forgiveness! Gods overwhelming and unchanging love for us, clearing our debt of sin through Jesus finished work on the cross. But what do we do when people push us beyond our capacity to forgive? How do we ‘live out’ love through forgiveness when we’ve been hurt and offended? In this series we’re looking to Jesus, the expert on love and forgiveness, to teach us how to love like Him.

Lessons on Love: Love That Believes (Part 4)
May 31st, 2015
We’ve all had moments in life where we’ve felt like giving up, like we just didn’t have what it takes to finish what we started. Our mistakes and feelings of failure can at times be so overwhelming that we don’t know if we can get back up and try again. 1 Corinthians 13:4 says that “love believes all things”, this is the love of God, love that believes! Jesus loves and believes in us, even though He knows about those mistakes we haven’t made yet, our ‘wanna give up’ moments that might be ahead of us in the future. He can see all of that, and yet He believes in us. That changes everything! Love that believes can give us the strength to do and become more than we ever hoped or imagined.