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Instead of life getting on top of us,
let’s live life on top!

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Life on Top: Life in the Margin
11th September, 2016
Life can become so fast paced that we often find ourselves in a constant rush against the clock. In our desire to make the most out of every minute we can overcrowd our schedules and begin to feel like life is on top of us. But if we could just make some room and create some space we might be amazed at how God will move in our margin!

Life on Top: Take a Break, For Christ’s Sake
18th September, 2016
In a world that demands so much of our energy and time, many think the Sabbath is an optional extra. The Sabbath reminds us that life is to be enjoyed, that we can remind ourselves that we’re no longer slaves to sin, and that it’s in relationship with Christ, and not the rules – that we have permission to take a break, for Christ’s sake.

Life on Top: Cut the Sugar, Cut the Milk
25th September, 2016
When it comes to living life on top, daily routines and habits play a big part in whether we walk on the water of our lives, or sink below the surface. What can we do to establish strong, godly habits in our lives to maximise our potential, and where do we go when setbacks and disappointment comes our way. It’s time to live life as the head, as Christ called us to, and not the tail. To live above and not beneath the circumstances and situations in our life.

Life on Top: The Root of Bitterness
2nd October, 2016
As we journey through life, there will be times where people will upset us, disappoint us, abandon us, and even betray us. The temptation is to grow bitter and resentful, and shut people out of our lives and eventually grow cold. But God’s desire for us is to live free from the bitterness that would try to take root in our heart, and let His love, light and grace flow out instead. It’s time to pull out the root of bitterness from our lives, and walk afresh in God’s abundant mercy and grace, before the devastating effects of bitterness take hold.

Life on Top: The Right Way Up!
9th October, 2016
We live in a culture that strives to get to the top no matter what! But what does being ‘on top’ in life mean from God’s point of view, and how do we get there? Jesus shows us by His example, the right way to the top!