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Manifesto: LOVE.
26th March, 2017
During this culture shaping series Ps Dan unpacks the headlines of our Manifesto. We begin with love, the heartbeat of the gospel. Jesus came showing us the kind of love that humanity had been waiting for. A love that completes us & transforms us. A love that now defines our very existence. We love because He first loved us.

Manifesto: REACH.
2nd April, 2017
At the heart of the gospel is the mission to reach people who are far from God. Jesus reached people from all walks of life. He reached into their world, creating an opportunity for them to hear Him, trust Him and believe in Him. He’s called us to do the same. Reach is a headline of our Manifesto.

Manifesto: FOLLOW.
9th March, 2017
“Come, follow me…”, three words that will change your life and eternity if you respond with YES! Jesus has invited us into the adventure of a lifetime! Not to join a religion full of duties, but to start a relationship and become a disciple. A student. To walk with Him closely and know His heartbeat. To know Him as friend, Saviour and Lord.