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So much was made available to us at the cross but it takes faith to receive it. Its not about what we deserve but what he’s decided. Richly blessed, deeply loved and highly favoured. It defies reason and goes beyond feelings, it takes faith. We receive by faith all God has to offer us. You are a Receiver!

Receiver: Receivers of Hope
5th August 2018
In a world where hopelessness can so often be found taking up residence in people’s hearts, God has given us a hope in Him that cannot be shaken. We are called to carry this hope to the world around us.

Receiver: Promises
29th July 2018
God has made incredible promises to us and is committed to bring them to fulfilment in our lives. How can we best posture ourselves to fully receive His great & precious promise?

Receiver: Breathe
22nd July 2018
We need the oxygen of His presence. Slow down, breathe and receive.

Receiver: Change the Switch
15th July 2018
Jesus has given us power to live overcoming lives, and authority to advance His kingdom in the earth.
Receiver: Rest
8th July 2018
We were created to live from the place of rest. In this message, discover how by ‘sitting’ with Jesus, we can live out the amazing lives that God has created for us.

Receiver: Ask For Wisdom
1st July 2018
The things we’re called to do in life are bigger than us and will impact many more people than just ourselves. We need the wisdom of God to be successful in what He’s given us to do.

Receiver: Tune In To Love
24th June 2018
Receiving God’s love is the key to receiving everything else He wants to give us!