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Jesus was fully God, yet fully man and able to identify with our weaknesses.

The God-Man: A New Way To Be Human
25th June, 2017
Jesus was heavens ultimate answer for a broken earth. So many who watched and waited for the Messiah to come missed Him as he walked on by. He came in such an unexpected package. The most spectacular thing earth had witnessed; Incarnation: the union of the Godhead and manhood in the person of Jesus. He is, was and always will be God but He became man so that He might be a bridge between heaven and earth.

The God-Man: Abba
2nd July, 2017
Jesus in his manhood had a deep and intimate relationship with God. He called Him Abba. Translated, Abba means Daddy, Papa, Father. He came to introduce us to God as Father. His passion was to show us who Abba is and what He’s like. He came to invite us to share the same intimate relationship with the Father as he had. Not as slaves or servants, but as dearly loved children. Sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven.

The God-Man: Jesus The Healer
9th July, 2017
Jesus displayed the heart and nature of God to heal people. It was His compassion for the oppressed and broken-hearted that moved Him to heal; and it still is today. He wants to repair, rebuild and restore broken people, cities and nations. Once we have established in our heart it is God’s will to heal people, than faith can operate because faith begins where the will of God is known.

The God-Man: The One Who Sets Us Free
16th July, 2017
Through the perfect life of Christ, His death was the payment made for all our failures to fulfil the Law brought through Moses, and the impossible standards that are set in our lives.
Unconditional love, which is His Grace and truth which is the gospel, has driven out all the condemnation in our lives. The one way love of Jesus has set us free!

The God-Man: Jesus And The Poor
23rd July, 2017
Jesus treated people differently. He placed value on everyone, no matter how society or culture had defined them. He’s calling us to do the same. As the God-Man, He lived a life that embodied Micah 6:8, a life that showed us how to do justice and love mercy.

The God-Man: Friend Of Sinners
30th July, 2017
There is a gap. It seems that God’s people have always had an issue with ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’ and we live in a day and age where people live on the outside and they don’t get to have a face on face with Jesus, but they’re encounter is with you and with me. Our job description is to reduce the gap, 2 Corinthians 5:20.