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Jesus prayed that His church would be united as one, just as He and the Father are one.

28th May, 2017
Strength and blessing follow a people who are united. Jesus’ prayer in John 17 was for His followers to be united as one, just as He and the Father are one. In this series, we’re discovering the power of unity, the pathway to it, and the heartbeat of Jesus for His church to be united.

United II
4th June, 2017
The bible describes the church as being like a body. Many parts, all different and diverse, yet connected and united for a single purpose. Jesus is the head of this body, directing and leading us to fulfil His mission.

United III
11th June, 2017
United by the call to support one another in prayer, we can create a place for God to come and dwell. We become a people that God can work through and use to minister to others. We can do so much more together than we could ever do alone.