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Vision Sunday 2018

New Beginnings: Going Public
18th March 2018
In life new beginnings often make way for more new beginnings. A seed becomes a tree that creates more seeds. It’s the same with our relationship with Jesus. Going public with our faith creates an opportunity for somebody else to have a new beginning too.

New Beginnings: Small Beginning, Significant Future
11th March 2018
Small, new beginnings don’t always appear to be successful at first glance , they can be hard, they can seem unimportant in the eyes of man, and it’s easy to despise them. We can’t always see the future with 100% clarity, but God knows that new beginnings are a setup to a significant future.

New Beginnings: Do You See It?
4th March 2018
At the threshold to New Beginnings is the call to obedience. Sometimes obedience doesn’t make sense, it can even seem irrational. But when God calls us to step into something new, we can be sure that He’s up to something significant in our lives. Find out why God uses our obedience to Him, as part of the journey into New Beginnings.

New Beginnings: Do You See It?
25th February 2018
God is excited about the New Beginnings He has planned for us, so much so that He makes a point of giving us glimpses of what’s coming before they arrive. He want’s us to see what’s up ahead, but sometimes we’re not looking. Be encouraged through this message to keep the eyes of your heart open, ready to see what God is already working on for your life.

New Beginnings: Vision Sunday
11th February 2018
God never grows weary or tired and He’s always ready to do something fresh and new in our lives! 2018 is an incredible opportunity for New Beginnings in families, marriages, careers and ministry. Yesterday is over and God is ready to do something new and powerful in your life! Get ready for a year of New Beginnings!