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Privacy Policy

Staff/ authorized volunteers must not collect personal information from members/attendees unless it is necessary for functions or activities. Information may only be collected with the individual’s consent and all forms must contain the following statement:

“Information collected is protected by our Privacy Policy. For info visit:”

Staff/ authorized volunteers must not use personal information for a purpose other than the one for which it was collected.

Staff/ authorized volunteers must take appropriate steps to protect personal information from unauthorized access and use. Computer passwords that give access to personal information must not be shared with non staff people, except authorized volunteers. Various personal information records (eg personal correspondence, counseling notes, giving records, personnel files, staff applicant’s records) must be secured.

Staff/authorized volunteers must not transfer personal information to any other organisation. Staff/authorized volunteers may only transfer personal information to a non-staff person when that person’s use of the information is in keeping with the primary collection purpose, and the member/attendee would expect the use to be made (eg contact/ family details given to pastoral care workers, small group leaders).

Personal information records will be archived. Information accessed while acting staff/authorized volunteers remains confidential even after your involvement has ceased. Staff/authorized volunteers have every right to reactivate personal information records if the person has visited or become a member at Reality Church.

Members/attendees must be given access to their personal information, when requested. If staff/ authorized volunteers became aware that personal information is out of date then the personal information must be updated as soon as possible.

Any member/attendee may obtain this privacy policy.

Any member/attendee who believe that their privacy rights have been violated should follow the process outlined in the ‘Grievance Resolution Policy’ document.